Iloilo airport tightens security in wake of Jolo blast

ILOILO CITY -- Security measures at the Iloilo International Airport in Cabatuan, Iloilo have been tightened to ensure the safety and security of its inbound and outbound passengers as part of “proactive measures against the spillover of the terror attack in Jolo”.

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Iloilo terminal supervisor Art Parreño, in a phone interview Thursday, said they decided to increase the number of guards at the entrance gate in Sta. Barbara and main gate towards the airport.

There will be visual check and under chassis inspection to be conducted at the two gates.

“The inspection area at the ground floor will be a little bit stricter and at the final check all unauthorized will be confiscated. This is our way of target-hardening for any act of terrorism if there is,” he added.

Moreover, the closed-circuit television (CCTV) operators “will be reinforced to watch all over the airport vicinity”.

For the benefit of the airport manager, the reporting system of security guards was also enhanced.

Parreño added that passengers during the initial check will be asked to remove their metal components for check in. However, during the final check it will already be confiscated.

“That’s why we advise all passengers to be at least early this time, the most is two hours before the flight so that in case there are problems, they can still work on it prior the last call for boarding,” he said.

Even those who are checking-in on line are presumed to be people who do not have check-in baggage but still it is not the case because they still have cargoes with them, he added.

“This is not ordinary times for us in-charge of the security of the airport. We invoke and request all passengers, especially those with lot of cargo baggage to come early. It might be that the traffic congestion at the gates will ensue because of the checks that we are doing,” he reiterated.

The same call is addressed to airport employees and stakeholders because if they have vehicles they would still be subjected to the necessary check.

The Iloilo International Airport caters to 60 flights a day composed of 30 arrivals and 30 departures. (PNA)

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