21 Bohol towns in DSWD’s top 45 SAP implementers

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, May 9 (PIA) -- Twenty-one Bohol local government units (LGUs) share the limelight as the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) lists its Top Performing LGUs on Social Amelioration Program (SAP) implementation as of May 6.

Although ranked sixth from the top, LGU Pilar is the first to complete the SAP payout with 3,119 beneficiaries disbursing 100 percent of the total of P18,714,000 in all 48 LGUs in Bohol.

First and on top in the region is Cebu’s Pilar town with 690 beneficiaries, followed by Cebu’s Tudela town with 1,056 beneficiaries.

Third is Negros Oriental’s Vallehermoso town with 6,296 beneficiaries, followed by Cebu’s Poro with 1,878 beneficiaries and Negros Oriental’s Manjuyod with 7,440 beneficiaries.

PILAR AND PILAR. Pilar town in Bohol finished first among 48 LGUs in imlementing the government's Social Amelioration Program, while Pilar town in Cebu also was first to finish among the Cebu towns. (PIA Bohol/ Graphic by DSWD-7) 

Loboc and Loay ranked 7th and 8th paying out 2,610 and 2,671 beneficiaries, respectively, while Dimiao with 2,059 and San Isidro with 1,180 beneficiaries are at 9th and 10th place.

Trinidad in Bohol ranked 13th, finishing its pay-out of 3,859.

At 16th and 17th places are Getafe (2,970) and Sagbayan paying out 2,847 of its low-income beneficiaries.

Alburquerque ranked 24th paying 1,770 beneficiaries, Balilihan is at 28th with 2593 beneficiaries, Sikatuna at 29th with 1083, Clarin at 30th with 2,722, Dagohoy with 1,880 on 31st, Duero on 32nd with 2,465 and Guindulman at 4,493 on 33rd place.

At 35th place is Sierra Bullones whose 3,400 beneficiaries received the SAP this week.

At 37th is Antequera with 2,295 beneficiaries, 38th is Carlos P Garcia (2203), 39th is Anda with 2,250, and 40th is Carmen at 5,632 beneficiaries.

As of May 6, 2020 among the top LGUs in SAP implementation is Candijay Bohol at 45th place with 3576 beneficiaries.

With this, at the regional status, Bohol with 44 percent of its town beneficiaries already getting their SAP payouts, is leading along with Negros Oriental which also has achieved 44 percent accomplishment as of May 6.

Bohol, however, has 21 towns out of its 48 towns and city while Negros Oriental has accomplished in paying out 11 of its 25 LGU beneficiaries.

For Bohol, about 161,658 beneficiary families have received the P6,000 SAP cash aid, with a total amount of P 969,948,000, according to a DSWD document shared by the department's regional information officer Leah Quintana. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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