Legazpi City requires arriving passengers to stay in facility quarantine

All inbound passengers in Legazpi City, be it by public or private transport, are required to pass thru the Legazpi City Community Home Quarantine (LC-CHQ) upon arrival for profiling and screening test. (Photo by OCD5)

LEGAZPI CITY, June 25 (PIA) – All arriving passengers in Legazpi City, be it by public or private transport, are now required to stay at the City Community Home Quarantine (LC-CHQ) upon arrival and while waiting for the Covid-19 swab test result.

“Just to clarify, we have the same treatment for all passengers be it by plane, bus, private car or train. They undergo processing and rapid testing for the anti-bodies at the ICR,” Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal said.

All passengers, including locally stranded individuals (LSIs), returning OFWs (ROFs), OFWs  and authorized persons outside residence (APOR) undergo both rapid and swab testing at the LC-CHQ at Ibalong Centrum for Recreation (ICR). Releasing of result for rapid testing is 15 minutes and one to two days for swab testing.

Under the revised Legazpi City Algorithm, arriving passengers are mandated to stay at the Legazpi City Community Home Quarantine  at the Ibalong Centrum for Recreation and are not allowed to go home while waiting for the swab test result.

Changes due to violations

Formerly, the passengers who tested negative for the rapid test were allowed to undergo home quarantine while waiting for the swab test result done in coordination with the Department of Health. However, some passengers were reported violating the home quarantine protocols.

As such, persons under monitoring (PUMs) are not allowed to go home and will stay at the LC-CHQ while waiting for the rapid and swab test results.

“Those with negative rapid test results request for home quarantine while waiting for the swab test. However, it was reported to us that some passengers do not follow home quarantine once they went home,“ Rosal said.

He cited Bicol patient #90 who tested positive for swab testing. He was supposedly on home quarantine but instead went to his relatives in Manito, Albay. Contact tracing is ongoing.

“Please be guided especially our barangays. Report immediately if you see new arrivals in your barangays,” Rosal said.

What must be done

Under the revised Legazpi Algorithm for Management of Returning LSIs, ROFs, OFWs and APOR, negative swab test results will be endorsed to the

barangay or concerned entity. The Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) will do the monitoring and reporting to the LC-CHQ.

If the result is positive, the patient will be referred to the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH). Contact tracing will also be done basing on the  patient's  signed  passenger manifest.

Suspension of flights

Rosal said flights from Manila may be suspended if airline passengers fail to follow the guidelines, citing the suspension of Cebu-Legazpi flights.

“As of now, we opened our flights due to APOR, LSIs and ROFs and not for leisure. We don’t want to waste our effort to contain positive cases from 31 and now to two current cases,” Rosal said.

To date, Legazpi City has 32 positive cases. Two of which are from Naga and Metro Manila. Number of death is three. (SAA-PIA5/Albay)


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