Taguig to expand Covid-19 tracing app for other services

MANILA – The local government of Taguig is expanding its coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) contact tracing tool TRACE for use in other social services offered by the city.

TRACE is short for Taguig Registry for Assessment and City Engagements and was launched last year at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mayor Lino Cayetano said the expansion would allow registry with other services such as vaccination, health benefits, and social services.

"With the help of TRACE, it will be easier for Taguigeños to access the city government’s programs and services especially those in health and socio-economic benefits like cash gifts, scholarships, and other forms of assistance," Cayetano said.

The TRACE QR code serves as a personal digital identification and health declaration form. The Taguig City Hall and other establishments have been using it for contact tracing purposes.

In the succeeding weeks, Cayetano said the city would partner with establishments to unify efforts on contact tracing.

The TRACE QR code will serve as a prerequisite in getting vaccinated for Covid in the city as it creates a more centralized citizen's database as an accurate reference for the vaccine rollout in the city.

There are two ways to register -- through online registration via mobile application and web application.

Registration and getting a QR code will soon be possible through self-service kiosks and door-to-door registration, Cayetano said. (PNA)

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