Grab launches new app features

MANILA -- Grab Philippines has launched new features on its mobile app in apparent response to customer, as well as regulators' demands.

The initiative is part of the company's Better Everyday campaign to ensure a safer and more convenient transportation, Grab's top management said during the launch of the upgraded mobile app Wednesday night.

“True to its mission of bringing consumers closer to what matters to them, Grab rolled out a series of app enhancements that will make rides safer, more seamless and more rewarding,” Grab Philippines president Brian Cu said during the event held in Makati City.

The following are the features that will be rolled out by Grab on its app for its riders:

- Cancel Anytime, which will allow Grab users to cancel their booking attempts before a driver gets assigned.

- Saved Places, which will enable quick selection of frequented places, such as home, work, gym, etc. for personalization of pick-up or drop-off points.

- Reward points for passengers who were cancelled, which they can redeem to avail of items such as food, services, and discounts.

- Change Destination, which will allow passengers to modify their drop-off points while in transit. This feature is available on GrabCar, GrabCar 6-seater, and GrabCar Premium services only in Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, and Pampanga.

- Lost and Found feature, which will help passengers contact a driver directly after the completed booking. To recover the item left in the car, they must click on the booking history tab, choose the recent booking record, and tap the new call button to reach the driver. The call button function is available within four hours after the trip has ended.

“In compliance with data privacy laws, phone numbers of both passengers and drivers are masked and the app will only show a virtual number. Beyond the four-hour period, passengers may reach the driver via the help center,” Cu said.

- Passenger timeout feature, which temporarily bans passengers with excessive cancellations. Consumers will not be able to book a service for a maximum of 23 hours upon reaching the following limit:

1) Maximum of two cancellations per Grab service within 1 hour

2) Maximum of three cancellations per Grab service within 24 hour

3) Maximum of five cancellations per Grab service within 7 days

Grab has likewise added two new features on its delivery service platform GrabExpress to support micro-entrepreneurs and make deliveries faster and more convenient:

- Multi-stop delivery feature, which will allow users to send deliveries to five different recipients and locations using one single rider.

- Multiple Concurrent Bookings feature for social sellers and micro-entrepreneurs, allowing them to send a maximum of 10 parcels using different delivery partners at the same time.

Grab assured that it will continue to use modern technology to improve the delivery of its various services to customers.

“As an everyday app, we continue to use our technology to provide solutions that will improve the daily experience of our fellow Filipinos. Our goal is to serve our consumers better every day with the challenge to always go above and beyond what is expected,” Cu said. (PNA)

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